Enriching resources globally
Mother Nature and Economic Globalization have just one thing in common - they do not recognize international boundaries. Just like an Ore deposit does not confine itself to the boundaries created by man, the economics of today transcend boundaries in creating Supply Chains for raw materials and finished products.

SVC Resources Limited derives inspiration from the benevolence of Mother Nature's finite resources and aims at Enriching Natural Resources by adding value through exploration, exploitation and trading of minerals through a global network of companies, partners and alliances.

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SVC Resources Limited (SVCRL) is a BSE (Mumbai Stock Exchange) listed company with Market capitalization
of over Rs. 50 Million. SVCRL is a professionally managed Company with the Board Members having rich and
varied experience in Exploration, Mining, Processing, Trading, Shipping, Finance and other fields.  

SVCRL has acquired Iron Ore Deposits in Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh regions of India and is in the process of
setting up mineral beneficiation plants to beneficiate the minerals and sell them in the international markets.

SVC Resources is traded in BSE with a Code of SVCRES. For the current price in stock market Click here.


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SVC Resources is a dynamic company which is professionally managed to adapt itself to the changing environment in the mining industry globally.

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